Baltics and St. Petersburg Trip Report

Andrew in St. Petersburg

Andrew in St. Petersburg

In May and June 2016, I took a 2.5 week trip to the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – and then from Helsinki took a ferry to St. Petersburg, Russia for three days. Then I took the ferry back to Helsinki, flew to the Netherlands for a few days, then flew home to the US.

(You can browse the map below for various cities to view pictures by destination.)

The primary purpose of my trip was scenic photography. I love history but have a short attention span and get bored in museums quickly. (In St. Petersburg, though, it’s almost mandatory to visit the Hermitage – and I did, for a few hours.) Mostly I walked around, explored the towns, and took lots of pictures. I usually don’t care to sample the local food when I travel, unless I’m going to Italy. I rarely mention food in my trip report because It was often fast food or a take away pizza or something.

So – don’t look for too many museum tips or restaurant recommendations here!  I’ll try to give you my impressions of the places I saw and the logistics of visiting various places.

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