Europe in Pictures

As a photographer living in Portland, Oregon, USA, I have a website devoted to my photography at . Over the years, as I’ve traveled to Europe, I’ve posted pictures on that same website along with all of my Oregon pictures. But the name “Portland Bridges” doesn’t quite make one think of Europe, does it? is intended to highlight my pictures from Europe. I hope you enjoy them! Clicking on any picture will take you to more pictures of that place on .

You can read a few of my trip reports (with pictures) from past visits to Europe:

Pont Alexandre III (Alexander III Bridge), Eiffel Tower, Dusk, Paris

Gdansk at Dusk.

Cherub Statue, Tower of Pisa, Italy


Grand Canal at Dusk, Venice, Italy

Pletna Boat, Lake Bled

Pletna Boat, Lake Bled, Slovenia

Prague Castle, Charles Bridge at Dusk

You can purchase prints or license images via the Photographer's main photo website, Click on any image you see to visit its display page on .

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